“People are known

by the company

they keep”

                    – AESOP


We believe that quote also applies to companies and their partners. Project Education partners with successful organizations to provide the Total Solution to school districts. Each partner brings valuable knowledge and resources to help our district partners. Together, we offer solutions to improve education while increasing student performance standards. We will continue to add partners as we find companies that share our same passion for student success.

See what some of our partners are saying about Project ELL!

Our exclusive partnership with Payton, Nix, Lyons and Associates, adds a combined 100 years of courtroom and school district truancy experience to Project Education.  Their expertise, combined with the Project Education platform, gives districts the best truancy tracking product available.

GILD provides data analysis, consulting services and professional development. As a partner with Project ELL, we can provide the Total ELL Solution for districts to meet and exceed achievement goals.

Microsoft is considered a valued partner as they provide our software and Azure Cloud services as part of our Small Business partnership.

Avant Assessment was formed to improve communication between people of different nationalities and cultures and bring people together in an increasingly diverse world. With expertise in linguistics, language assessment, technology and education as our foundation, Avant develops and delivers effective language testing tools to support personalized learning and improved education outcomes for every learner. In fact, Avant’s STAMP (Standards-based Measurement of Proficiency) assessment is the world’s leading language proficiency test, giving schools, teachers, and students a true picture of whether the language skills students are learning will translate to the real world.

The Multi Regional Purchasing Cooperative is a collaboration of approximately 130 member schools located in the regions served by Education Service Centers 9, 11, 14 and 15. Districts in those regions have the opportunity to choose Project ELL from a list of vendors who have already gone through the RFP process. 

Since 1998, the BuyBoard has delivered vast cost and competitive advantages in purchasing products and services for local governments, big and small. BuyBoard was created to support and serve public schools, municipalities, county government, and all types of local government agencies and nonprofits. Combining the purchase power of our large membership provides the leverage to achieve better pricing on the products, equipment, and services that are used every day.

Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA) allows district members to save time and expand purchasing capabilities without adding staff and without going through a long RFP process. Districts have the opportunity to choose Project Education from a list of vendors who have already gone through the RFP process.


Together, Velazquez Press and Project ELL can provide access to materials and tools for English Language Learners academic success as well as Professional Development resources.


TestHound is a web-based system designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the coordination of standardized tests. Project ELL will provide linguistic assessment accommodations to TestHound for district users reducing the need for double entry of data.


Project ELL is a partner of Eduphoria for assessment data. This close partnership provides a streamlined process for data imports and exports for districts.

Speak Agent is the first research-based platform and method of teaching and learning academic language to deliver significant positive learning outcomes in STEM and other subjects. The platform custom-builds a supplemental interactive program for academic language learning that directly aligns to your curriculum. You control the scope, sequence, and pacing. It fits right into daily classwork and greatly accelerates academic language learning.

ESL Library was founded in 2002 to provide a student-focused resource for English teachers that makes it easy to find materials to meet their students’ language needs. Every month, new content is created and added to the site, making it a library of resources that continues to grow. Regardless of the age of the students, ESL Library has printable lessons to enhance, complement, or supplement any English teacher’s classroom.

Choice Partners cooperative offers quality, legal procurement and contract solutions to meet the purchasing needs of school districts and other governmental entities. As a member, districts gain access to vendors who provide solutions and services without going through the RFP process. Project ELL was awarded a contract and is now an available vendor for members of Choice Partners. 

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) is a national purchasing cooperative that has offered access to competitively procured purchasing contracts to its membership since 2002. All TIPS vendors have agreed to provide the best pricing, terms and conditions available to its members. Membership is free of charge and is open to all public entities.