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At Project Education, we have amazing educators on our team to provide the best product training, professional development and consulting services.  We know districts sometimes need more than just  great product.  Identifying baselines, coordinating process mapping and evaluating data to drive better instruction are just some of the items we can help your and your team uncover.

Streamlined Data Access

Folders of student information transformed into electronic files for auto population onto forms and access to all information in ONE place.

Efficient Tool

Auto-generate translated parent communication and auto-populated compliance forms with data from SIS/Assessment systems saving up to 15 minutes per student per meeting versus paper.

Analyze Data Effectively

Measure compliance progress easily. Track interventions, accommodations and other important information for each student efficiently through their electronic data file to provide solutions effectively for them to succeed.  

Detailed Reporting

A library of standard reports at your fingertips with access to custom reporting options using several variables to fit your needs and export to excel or PDF.

Project ELL
Customizable web-based program developed to be the total ELL solution for districts. From the initial identification and placement to compliance and student achievement, our instructionally driven, cloud-based program allows users to intuitively complete and share critical information while confidently monitoring all aspects of their English Learner program.
Project 504
Project 504 is the only fully customizable, web-based program to document and track students’ 504 plans. We go beyond simple compliance by including student assessments, grades, schedules, attendance and discipline data progress monitoring. Email alerts keep teachers, administrators and parents informed in key areas. When translations are added, Project 504 is a powerful tool for parent communication and student success. As part of the full suite of Project Education software solutions, Project 504 can link with all data within our platform to create comprehensive tracking and reporting, and align with third-party data applications.
Project Title I
Project Title I is a fully customizable, online program that allows campuses to store and report on all your Title I needs. Federal and state Title I forms, sign in sheets, reports, documents, expenditures, and improvement plans available in one secure location. Built-in reporting allows for easy status reports on outstanding tasks and missing information required for Title I funds and accountability. At the push of a button, you can pull reports from documents stored in the repository, see trends in programs from Homeless to ELL, and show funding including Private/Nonprofit or school related supplies for needs based students.
Project Truancy
Project Truancy is a customizable web-based program, that allows districts to respond and track attendance issues quickly and effectively. Trigger alerts let district personnel know when a student has accumulated a predetermined number of unexcused absences and pre-populates the required forms with critical information to save users time. Reports and dashboard graphs give districts the ability to see trends by grade level, student circumstances, and intervention plans as well as celebrate positive gains from the Truancy program.
Project Education’s export subscription services. Project Education will work with other vendors to build exports to move data stored in Project Education into other services requested by the district.
Project SPED
Project SPED (Special Education) is the fully customizable, web-based program that provides school districts with an efficient and user-friendly solution for managing all aspects of the special education process, from referral to exit. Our comprehensive system gives stakeholders quick and easy access to students’ Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), assessment data and other records to more accurately track and report on student progress. The platform also includes audit and reporting features, so district leaders can more effectively and accurately manage compliance with state and federal requirements. As part of the full suite of Project Education software solutions, Project SPED can link with all data within our platform to create comprehensive tracking and reporting and align with third-party data applications.
Project RTI
Project RTI is the only fully customizable, web-based platform built for school districts that want a complete Response to Intervention Solution. This unique platform allows users to track interventions and outcomes at each stage of the RTI process. Decision-making through analysis of a student’s performance trends, documentation and fact-based support to assist in collaboration between educators, parents and students are the foundation of this intuitive program that allows teachers and administrators to access all the student’s data in one space. Grades, attendance, behavior, and assessments automatically populate so that interventions can be targeted and measurable. Districts praise the auto generated parent letters in the parents’ home language! Experience a user-friendly student achievement focused program that includes a detailed compliance reporting system for recording evidence of fidelity to your district’s goal of supporting all students.
From the everyday classroom to Social/Emotional support, the customizable behavior platform in Project Behavior can capture the experiences of the student allowing district personnel to support teachers and families. Data from teacher inputs, forms, discipline, and surveys can be compiled into reports to guide decision making and celebrate positive outcomes. The Anti-Bullying component further expands the Project Behavior product by adding in the awareness piece of instant alerts. Classroom and Social/Emotional tracking can be added on to any other program.
Project CTE
Customizable web-based intuitive program that uses lists to track student’s progress through Career and Technical paths. The pathways tab allows administrators to quickly see which path students are on and their progress toward graduation to verify on track status. Additionally, the system allows students to see other options within CTE that work with credits they already have given them the flexibility to change their mind without jeopardizing their graduation date.
Project Grad
Customizable web-based credits and endorsement tracking that allows users to run on track reports with alerts for students in need of credits for endorsements, or on time graduation. It can be used stand alone or added on to any other program.
DataAnywhere!: Project Education’s import subscription services. From assessments to online curriculum Project Education recognizes that districts use multiple programs to input data from assessment systems to online curriculum. Having that data in one centralized location is important for fidelity to services and the option is available to have data imported into Project Education from third party vendors to populate on forms, reports, and dashboards
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